Jersey Gemz, 15U Nike EYBL

Jersey Gemz, 15U Nike EYBL

Hey, let’s talk about something truly special—my incredible squad tearing it up on the Nike EYBL circuit, the Jersey Gemz. These girls are more than just elite level athletes; they’re a force of nature, who won 2 Nike EYBL tournaments. And boy, did they bring their A-game!

Picture this: three tournament stops at Boo Williams in VA, Dallas in TX, and the grand finale in Chicago, IL

—the battlegrounds where these champs showcased their talents. We snagged undefeated records at two out of the three tournaments, but the real showstopper? Going undefeated in Chicago. That was the cherry on top of a remarkable run.

What made these girls stand out wasn’t just their talent or social media highlights—it was their bond beyond the court. Off-court dinners, exploring new cities together; they were more than a team, they were a family. That special connection translated into their game. They didn’t just play for themselves; they played for each other. The extra pass, the right play—it was all about the team.

As their coach, my heart swells with pride seeing their hard work, relentless defense, and the unwavering trust they had in each other and in me. But here’s the kicker: our journey wasn’t just about basketball. Sure, we practiced hard and honed our skills, but I’m a firm believer in nurturing the mind, body, and spirit.

We delved into practices focused on mental strength, finding clarity through yoga and journaling. Why? Because I know that a strong mind fuels a strong game. Those sessions weren’t just about dribbling or shooting; they built communication, strengthened our team’s connection, and created a bond that couldn’t be broken.

I’m not just a coach who sees players—I’m someone who sees individuals with dreams, fears, and passions. And for these 10 incredible girls, it was about elevating not just their game but their entire being. That’s what makes our victories even sweeter—the knowledge that we grew not just as players but as people on this incredible journey together.