I BELIEVE I’m here to teach the game of basketball and that will never change. I am a mentor, passionate leader and coach whom is dedicated to giving back.

I am constantly focusing on improving which allows me to innovate while others stay stagnant. I believe in the fundamentals and building a core foundation. I believe there’s a need to take ownership and accountability to improve. I also believe there are core values in seeing improvement and they are respect, understanding and effort. We need to focus more on establishing player positions & players’ contribution to their team. I believe in saying no to playing with a bunch of teams, find a coach and team that focus on teaching and commit. Lack of commitment adds confusion and conveys the wrong message. I believe there should be more value put on communication and leadership as these attributes will allow players to achieve what others cannot. Not everyone will believe in what I do or how I do it but I can only speak on my experience coaching, training and playing at a high level.

In result of my experience, Passion 4 Youth organization was founded. A non profit organization focused inspiring & mentoring youth through sports. My goal is to mentor players to be goal-oriented and purposeful in their growth on and off the court.

The 3League – youth player development program.

We must focus on teaching & elevating fundamental skills in order to continue to grow the game.

Many coaches can teach the basic basketball concepts but mentors can develop triple threat athletes. Athletes who progress in life & their sport by setting goals, valuing education, being accountable and have a strong work ethic. Not every athlete will be a professional or play at the highest collegiate level but that doesn’t limit their success.

Teaching the game of basketball is my passion, mentoring our youth is my purpose & moving the game forward will be my legacy. I believe in & trust that God is leading my steps and with that I have no doubt I will reach my goals and leaving a lasting impact on young aspiring athletes and more.

Join me! Learn more about Passion 4 Youth. www.passion4youth.org