Welcome to the world of transformation, growth, and empowerment with Coach Audrey Taylor! I’m passionate and dedicated coach, committed to helping individuals unlock their full potential, achieve their goals, and enjoy the journey.

I focus on developing the player, not just their skills!

In the last 12 years, I was the head coach of Franklin High School girls’ basketball program. In those years, my program won numerous championships, nationally ranked, and developed numerous collegiate athletes whom has gone on to be successful on & off the court. If you would like to know more details, read my BIO.

Teach the game. Cultivate leaders. Provide resources.

With that being said, are you looking to build skills, elevate your game play (decision making), and mental toughness?

If so my small group training is perfect for you. It’s not your average skills clinic or workout! My advanced players learn how to focus on the details, while being challenged in drills and competitive game play. Each player will be able to recognize their weaknesses and develop a productive and intentional plan to improve those weaknesses.

Master the Fundamentals:
Master class series of key game play fundamentals that will improve your impact on the court..

For beginner and intermediate players, I have an awesome program, ‘The 3League’ which provides skill development and game play for both boys & girls, starting at the age 9. It combines skill training, practicing and 3v3 league play in an controlled environment. The 3League embodies the true value of sports play, as well as the benefits of 3 vs 3 game play: everyone plays, more touches, less performance pressure, more action & fun!

Guidance & mentorship is also vital in my process! I want to make sure that players are being more intentional and connecting their decisions with their visions(goals). My hope is that all coaches have an understanding of the importance mentorship along with instruction. #coachoutsideofthebox

This is exactly why I stated I focus on developing players, not skills.